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Who we are

"PR is a mix of journalism, psychology, and lawyering – it’s an ever-changing and always interesting landscape."

Ronn Torossian


B.HOPE is a public relations firm based in the city of Dickson, TN, which specializes in non-profit and small business PR. Our areas of specialty are web design, content design, social media management, marketing, image creation and management of publicity events, along with managing communication between its clients and the public to promote favorable relationships and portray a desired image.

Typical clients will include church organizations, non-profit organizations and small businesses (including but not limited to retails, non-corporations, entrepreneurs, freelancers and personal services.). However, B.HOPE is not limited to just these clients. These are clients seeking professional services to assist in their community reputation, involvement and image. Clients are also seeking a way to get their name out more in the community and let people aware of happenings in their organizations.

By utilizing its professional skills, B.HOPE plans to quickly grow our clientele, having previous experience with a specialized skill set and invaluable insight to clients’ needs. Additionally, B.HOPE prides itself on keeping good values and morals while exceeding the expectations our clients may have.

Meet The Team

Brensey Thompson is the founder and Executive Director of B.HOPE PR. She has a PR degree from MTSU and has worked in her field for three years. She is highly motivated, determined and dedicated to her work.

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